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With POLYGLOTS, you no longer need any other English Learning App

By browsing your favourite English news genre, sharpen your English skills!
Learning with not only a personalised vocabulary list, but with listening,
conversation, grammar activites, and TOEIC®/TOEFL® training!
We make continuous English learning possible. Let us end English learning that fades.



Learning Log

The amount you read, the speed in which it was read (WPM), and the number of new vocabulary collected will be recorded daily. By reading more and reading faster, your POLYGLOTS level will rise.

Smart Scrolling

By adjusting the scroll speed of the article you can choose how quickly to read. We recommend setting the speed slightly faster than you are comfortable. By getting the overall meaning of the piece than the individual words, your understanding will skyrocket.

One-tap Dictionary

When while reading you find an important word, give it a tap to find out what it means. Whatever you search, it will be added to your personal dictionary.

Translation Included Articles

You can read articles from such as the BBC, TechCrunch, LifeHacker, and The Bridge with translations. Without screen changes both English and Japanese will be available, so if there are any sentences you do not understand, look to the Japanese translation for help.


By using the 'Share' function on your browser, you can use the One-Tap Dictionary and Pacemaker functions while reading any many of articles on the internet. Of course, words searched with the tap will be added to your personal dictionary.

Slash Reading

By attaching a 'slash' to articles you want to read, your reading and listening skills are sure to go up. For those not used to reading english will surely be eased by the functionality.

Learning with Western Songs

With your favourite songs by your beloved artists, extend your English skills. Any song on you iTunes, Apple Music playlist will be automatically detected (iOS only)

Vocabulary Exercises

Not only vocabulary acquired through One-Tap or bookmarking, words essential to TOIEC®️ and TOEFL®️ tests will be available for testing.

Listening Lessons

Listen to a native speaker as you read an article. Of course, you can listen at any speed you like, but we do recommend a speed slightly faster than you're comfortable.

Comprehension Check

After finishing a reading, there will be a 4 level comprehension check. It would be an excellent primer to part 7 of the TOEIC® test.

TOEIC® Part 7 Markup WorkBook

By using the time necessary to finish Part 7 of the TOEIC® test as a benchmark, you can finish work on a test within that time constraint. The timer is automatic, the answer sheet is a tap away, with vocab checks, commentary, and free translations.

Hand Shake

With the Handshake, you can instant message with fellow users, whether they be Japanese English students, or Foreign students learning Japanese. You can share advise, and learn from each other.

Audio Book

Cosmopier's books such as Steve Jobs is available for listening to for learning. Of course, Listening, Pace-Maker, adn One-Tap features are available.

Apple Watch

Vocabulary Test are available on Apple Watch. When you have a touch of time between events, let's learn a little. (iOS only)



Listening Practice
Ordinary Day

Listening Practice
Comprehension Check



Teaching Consulting
and English Chats


Monthly Fee 0yen 480yen/month 480yen/month 840yen/month

Corporate Plans
1,200yen/month 1,800yen/month 2,900yen/month

Corporate Plans
Reading Lessons(*1)
(Smart-Scrolling, One-tap Dictionary, Translation Included Articles, WebReader, Slash Reading)
Vocabulary Testing(*2)
Learning With Western Songs
(iOS Only)
AudioBook - Ladder Series
Listening Practice
Ordinary Day(*3)
(English Phrases, Grammar, Shadowing Practice)
Comprehension Check
Teaching Consulting
and English Chats
My Recipe
Teacher Led English Lessons
5 lesson tickets/month

*1:TOEIC® Part 7 Markup WorkBook, AudioBook etc paid content included

*2:TOEFL Test English Vocab 3800 paid content included

*3:For content older than 2 weeks, a purchase of a BackNumber Account will be required


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