Reading Japan App "MONDO"
It unlocks your Japanese reading.


An app that unlocks Japanese reading.

MONDO is made for all who have an interest in Japan,
especially people studying Japanese who want to read above their current level
to access interesting content and improve their reading ability.





MONDO automatically records your reading time and words. It helps your continuous learning.
And MONDO lets you create an individualised reading program based on your interests and reading level.

Smart Scrolling

Articles display the expected reading time, so you can choose to read shorter or longer articles based on your available time.
Articles can scroll automatically at your desired reading speed, to help improve your natural Japanese reading comprehension.

One Tap Dictionary

If you find an unknown word when you read an article, tap the word and it will be shown in Hiragana and English. This enables you to understand an article even if there are many kanji you cannot yet read, while helping you improve your kanji study at the same time.

Word Tests & Flash Cards

Words you look up are automatically saved into your wordbook. This creates an automatic dictionary of new words you are learning, for future reference and study.
And MONDO can create automated quizzes for you based on the words in your wordbook, to help you truly learn the meaning and the kanji.

Hand Shake

You can find Japanese friends, and friends are learning Japanese language.
When you shake hands with other user, you can connect with them and see their study logs.

Translated Articles

You can reference English translation while you read Japanese article. BBC World Japan, TechCrunch Japan, The Bridge.

Articles with Listening

While reading an article, you can also listen to Japanese native speaker's pronunciation. The playback speed is adjustable, so let's try to listen with the speed you find a bit faster.

Articles with Furigana (Ruby)

You can read article with Furigana (Ruby) in "With Furigana (Ruby)" theme.

Apple Watch

You can try word quizzes on your watch.



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